Books by Samuel K Burlum

Samuel K. Burlum is an entrepreneur, investigative reporter-journalist, and author. Here are some of Samuel K. Burlum’s most recent book works below. Order your copy today!

Book Banner “The Race to Protect our Most Important Natural Resource, Water,” is an in-depth review of some of today’s most pressing concerns related to clean fresh water sources dedicated for drinking water supplies; including public policy; ongoing environmental justice battlegrounds; effected water supplies; and instruction on how to play a part in conserving and preserving this essential natural resource. Foreword by Dr. Carley Corrado, PhD. Get this book today, and find out what’s in your water! Get informed today!

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You can get “The Race to Protect our Most Important Natural Resource, Water,” at:

  • Amazon
  • Barnes and Nobles
  • Broad Street Books, Branchville, NJ
  • Sparta Book Store, Sparta, NJ
  • Ray and Judy’s Book Stop, Rockaway, NJ
  • Black Dog Books, Newton, NJ

Book Cover front

“Main Street Survival Guide for Small Businesses,” by Samuel K. Burlum, provides insight for small business owners and new entrepreneurs a road map on how to establish or  improve their current small business enterprise. Burlum focuses on small business advocacy, working on your business, working in your business, marketing, and establishing  legacy, spelled out in twenty-two chapters concentrating on business establishment,  operations, marketing-advertising, human capital, business development, and exit planning. Forward by Ron Ball, Beverly White, and Patricia Singer. Stay tuned… Coming Soon! 


L in the G L

“Life in the Green Lane- in Pursuit of the American Dream,” by Samuel K. Burlum, is the story based on true to life inspired events, relating to one of the largest open source green technology research projects taken place in post-modern society.  Burlum also gives an account of the early founding of the green tech company, Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., and he and his team overcame challenges in commercializing clean tech-green tech automotive technology aimed at lowering harmful vehicle emissions while increasing engine efficiency, and the methods in which were instituted in bringing the Smart Emissions Reducer to market.

Find out more about “Life in the Green Lane-in Pursuit of the American Dream” by visiting the current Indiegogo In Demand program below. Order your copy today!





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