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Extreme Energy Solutions CEO/President Samuel K. Burlum Shares with Towson Students Cultural Competence

For Immediate Release:  May 11, 2018, Towson, Maryland

Source: Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., CEO/President serves as a guest lecturer at Towson University, sharing insight and experiences on Cultural Competency, with students who are on track as future educators and business leaders.

On April 3rd, and May 1st, 2018; the class room of Professor Lovely Thornton’s played host a special guest lecturer; green tech company, Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., CEO/President, Samuel K. Burlum, shared with Towson students the importance of understanding areas of cultural competency and what that should mean for students who are on track to become future business leaders, work for a non-profit organization, or as a future educator in the classroom.

Burlum presented over forty-five minutes of case study examples how mastering the understanding and appreciating the areas of cultural competency can have a positive effect on how one can connect with other people, communities, and companies an help a person establish relationships by building on bonds of commonality.

“When a person comes to the realization that at the root of our basic human needs are the same regardless of race, religion, nationality; then the conversation on how two different people can work together to solve a problem can be had,” expressed Burlum to the class.

“Though some people who choose to live with hate in their heart may discriminate against someone because of race, religion, gender, or social economic class; there are two things that you can rely on that does not discriminate and that is poverty and disease.”

“When two people of different backgrounds and cultural differences can come to terms to appreciate the other person’s story; then they will discover that in essence, the majority of people around the world want the same things,” relayed Burlum.

Burlum also provided for Townson students that the biggest difference maker is that all walks of life desire opportunity, recognition for what they have to contribute to the human family experience, and basic needs met including clean air, water, and soil.

“Mr. Samuel Burlum’s experience as CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., while leading the company’s efforts in international business, serves Burlum with a wealth of knowledge and point of reference to present to my students,” contributed Professor Thornton.

“Burlum had spoken to my students in the past and he did a fantastic job, and so I invited him back to share his knowledge and experiences with the next generation of students.”

Burlum opened the floor to questions and answer with students allowing; students to speak of their own personal situations in search of remedy to their own confrontational experiences.

“You can tell that the students enjoyed the discussion, as they interacted and became engaged in the presentation before them. It was an honor, and I am thankful for the opportunity to pass down my knowledge with students eager to make a positive difference in other people’s lives and within their communities. I also appreciate the class taking charge in class their project which aimed assist homeless shelters and aid hurricane relief efforts.” Burlum concluded.

Students also participated in peer to peer discussions designed to assists students with the ability to become more inquisitive of other people’s needs and how to become better listeners of people that are culturally different than themselves.

In addition to his post as CEO and President of the green tech company, Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., Samuel K. Burlum is an accomplished Investigative Reporter and Journalist, having over one hundred articles to his credit; is an author of three books; is a consultant for small business and emerging start-up companies that have a market disrupting technology or product; and has served on the board of multiple of directors for a number of non-profit organizations in a variety of capacities.

Burlum has spoken at Towson University, Sussex County Community College (NJ), World Green Energy Symposium, NY-NJ Minority Supplier Development Council Sustainability Summit; and featured in Natural Awakenings Magazine, Neighborhood Journal, and on Today in America with Terry Bradshaw.

Each student received a copy of the book, “The Race to Protect Our Most Important Natural Resource, Water,” and “Main Street Survival Guide for Small Businesses,” both books authored by Samuel K. Burlum

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“Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., CEO Samuel K. Burlum Explains the Fight for Small Businesses in his New Book”

Hewitt, New Jersey, February 26, 2018

Source: Samuel K. Burlum provides insight into what it takes to own and operate a small independent business on Main Street, and provides small business owners the tools to survive the hazards that plague small businesses from becoming successful in his attempt to advocate the importance of buying local.

According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses are a major part of the economic engine of the United States economy, yet small businesses across America continue to struggle, even though Wall Street has seen recent record gains. One business leader attempts to assist small businesses to catch up with the times, with the release of his new book.

Samuel K. Burlum, a career entrepreneur, Investigative Reporter, and Author, shares in his latest book, Sam Burlum’s “Main Street Survival Guide for Small Businesses,” perspectives on concerns that effect small businesses on the ground. Burlum lends his experience to readers of this new work, as he takes an individual step by step of what it takes to build from the bottom up a successful small business enterprise.

The Author, Samuel K. Burlum is no stranger to small business ownership. He is also one of the founders, Board Member, and CEO/President of Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., a green tech company that offers environmental technology that aims to combat harmful toxic engine-vehicle emissions and offers green consumer products in over five hundred retailer locations nationwide.

Prior to his tenure at Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc. Burlum owned and operated his own small business enterprise before becoming recruited to make an impact in the green tech industry. Burlum has also lent his services as a business consultant to other start-up companies which offered emerging technologies and localized small businesses in helping them become more sustainable.

“The reason I set out to author Main Street Survival Guide for Small Businesses, is that most of the small businesses and local independent merchants that would seek out my expertise could not afford to hire a business consultant. As much as they desperately needed my assistance, most small business owners did not have the budget or financial means to have a qualified expert on staff,” expressed Burlum.

“I wanted to pro-offer a tool, a point of reference where small business owners could look to in seeking valuable business strategies, marketing and advertising ideas, and guidance on how to improve their operations, while saving money behind the register for business growth. I was determined to develop a collection of methods and practices that I felt had proven their worthiness, that were actually put to use, by either one of my business partners, mentors, or even within businesses I had owned and/or operated; giving readership examples tested by real world circumstances,” continued Burlum.

“As a result of my work, small businesses have a new tool at their disposal that covers several areas of business competency, including how to advocate for your small business; how to build the foundational pillars of a new business; how to enhance the operations of an existing business; how to properly brand and market your local enterprise; and finally how to plan for long term legacy. These areas in which I highlighted in my book, are common areas I found most local businesses to have overlooked, and eventually would be the root cause of  the adverse challenges that currently had to face,” shared Burlum

Sam Burlum’s “Main Street Survival Guide for Small Businesses,” is 304 pages, twenty-two chapters of methods put to practice; business theories that have been put to work in the field in growing a small business enterprise from an idea in a two car garage on Main Street to becoming a major player in the green tech industry; among other examples and working models of businesses that have benefited from the practices that are reviewed in each chapter.

The book also includes a list of external business references and trade organizations for small business owners to seek additional guidance and potential business to business connections; regardless if a business is brand new or if it has been in existence for a number of years.

“As a corporate leader, I felt a personal responsibility in helping every small business that partners with Extreme Energy Solutions, that decides to offer Extreme’s consumer goods in their own local community, in giving as many advantages as I can to see our company’s independently owned retailer partners become even more successful. Not only do I advocate for our business to business clients to have success, I also advocate for our vendors and suppliers to institute practices that will help assure their long term growth as they gain market share parallel to our efforts,” concluded Burlum

The hard cover version of “Main Street Survival Guide for Small Businsses,” is now available via and list for just $34.95; while the soft cover edition is offered at $24.95. Seekers of this well thought out collection of business knowledge can also get the e-book download for $9.99.

Ron Ball, World Renowned and Recognized Public Speaker, Author, Corporate Trainer and Host of the TV show “Choose Greatness,” offered his review of “Main Street Survival Guide for Small Businesses,”

“So many business books are filled with fluff and dominated by theory. Samuel K. Burlum does everyone a favor by explaining how entrepreneurial success actually happens. Burlum then pulls back the curtain and shows you how to build a successful business. I have been privileged to work with several thousand high performance business owners and have observed their special skills. In my success seminars I have delivered these principles to over 8 million people in 24 countries. Samuel K. Burlum lives these principles. He provides YOUR opportunity to fast track your business. Seize it!”

Forwards for the book were written by Ron Ball, Beverly White, and Patricia Singer. Other contributors to this book project include: Cover Art- Brand Worx Productions; Layout-Lloyd Arbour; Editor-Caryl Eissing and Consultant-Dan Hollis of The Magic of Selling LLC. This book was completed on February 2, 2018 and for release on February 8, 2018.

This is Samuel K. Burlum’s second book to be released. His first book, “The Race to Protect Our Most Important Natural Resource, Water,” was released June 22, 2017. In addition to his first two books, Burlum is credited in having over one hundred published articles in print and/or online; which focus on the subject matters of small business advocacy, innovation, technology, environmental concerns, public policy issues, transportation, health and wellness, and tax code reform. Mr. Burlum holds an Associate’s Degree in Applied Sciences, having majored in Business Management while attending Berkeley College, Woodland Park, New Jersey.

Burlum is already underway with his third manuscript, “Life in the Green Lane-in Pursuit of the American Dream,” available via In Demand on Indiegogo.

Extreme Energy Solutions CEO Samuel K. Burlum Explains the Fight to Protect Clean Drinking Water Sources in New Book

August 14, 2017, West Milford, New Jersey

Source: Samuel K. Burlum provides insight into one of the hottest debated environmental concerns: clean freshwater preserved for drinking water. Extreme Energy Solutions CEO discusses current public policy aimed at protecting water sources, reviews threatened fresh water supplies, and offers technological solutions for water conservation and preservation.

Water…without it our current society as we know it would come to a screeching halt. In his latest self-written new book, “The Race to Protect Our Most Important Natural Resource: Water,” Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc. CEO and President Samuel K. Burlum shares his perspective, supported by in-depth research, facts, and statistics surrounding one of the most contentious environmental debates of our modern time: protecting and conserving clean fresh water sources needed for drinking water.

Burlum reflects on several issues which affect everyone’s ability to access clean drinking water sources. He takes time to highlight the catastrophe that plagued Flint, Michigan, including an entire community’s compromised ability to have clean drinking water delivered to the tap. Burlum discusses the real culprit behind polluted water sources in Newark, New Jersey, and gives a list of the world’s most threatened fresh water sources. Samuel K. Burlum reveals the source of the problem of why these critical drinking water sources became endangered, and how we can prevent such from happening in other places.

The Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc. CEO also shares with readers of “The Race to Protect Our Most Important Natural Resource: Water,” many technological options which are available designed to mitigate water pollution in the home and for commercial situations. Samuel K. Burlum also shares what we as individuals can do to help preserve and conserve water on a daily basis.

“As a leader in the green tech industry, I felt it was our responsibility to provide public awareness and help educate communities about the real concerns that surround our limited supply of clean fresh drinking water,” stated Samuel K. Burlum, CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions, and now published author.

“It is important that we at Extreme Energy Solutions lead by example on this very issue, as we are strong advocates for preserving our quality of air and water. Our technological solutions were designed to improve the quality of life and decrease our impact on the environment,” Burlum continued.

“The book was written with the intent to inform individuals, businesses, companies, non-profit organizations, and public official policy makers of the true temperature and current status of our very limited supply of clean drinking water sources, so they become aware and willing to make decisions resulting in effective actions critical to protecting our most important natural resource.”

The 166-page book, “The Race to Protect Our Most Important Natural Resource: Water,” written by Samuel K. Burlum, sells for $14.95 for the soft cover version, and $4.99 for the e-book version. Both versions of this book have been made available on Amazon.

Dr. Carley Corrado, PhD, Renewable Energy and Soil Scientist had written the forward where she explains how well researched and readable the book is. She also provided a glowing review based on her experience and in depth knowledge of the subject matter. Dr. Carley Corrado’s last assignment was at the University of California Santa Cruz Campus.

Former Ambassador and United Nations Special Envoy Francis Okelo, now retired and current President of the New Rochelle Rotary Club, (New York), also gave a formal review with a favorable report of Burlum’s latest book release.

“The Race to Protect Our Most Important Natural Resource: Water,” is an investigative view into the most pressing threats against modern society’s most precious natural resource; water; and how to mitigate them. This book is NOT about taking shorter showers, and it is NOT about selling you on water filters… It is about knowing the current score related to the very essence of life, and helping you become more aware how you can make a positive impact.

Samuel K. Burlum takes time to examine the current geo-political public policies which were designed to help conserve and protect our very limited clean drinking water sources, and what government, community activists, and advocates are doing about the problem of dwindling clean fresh water supplies, which humans rely on to sustain life.

This book reviews historic series of events by former civilizations and communities that act as lessons learned, as examples of what can occur when we do not approach the subject of protecting and preserving clean drinking water for generations ahead. Within the book, Burlum provides detailed accounts of economic disasters, and the fall of most recent communities and trade because of mismanages and misused clean drinking water supplies. These reports serve as a warning sign of things to come in the not so distant future.

“The Race to Protect Our Most Important Natural Resource: Water,” can also be found at Barnes and Nobles.

“If I had to choose one thing readers of this book remember, it would be that their choices and how they manage their lives as it concerns water usage, preservation, and conservation effects so many lives around them – so choose wisely,” concluded Burlum.

Extreme Energy Solutions CEO/President, Samuel K. Burlum Releases Self-Written Book Titled, “Life in the Green Lane-in Pursuit of the American Dream” 

Ogdensburg, New Jersey, October 30, 2015

Source: Samuel K. Burlum provides an inside look into the epic journey that has become what we know today as Extreme Energy Solutions; a green tech company aimed at researching, developing, manufacturing, and distributing emissions reduction technology, green technology, and environmentally friendly products; while also sharing the challenges that one could possibly face in today’s economic climate; Burlum shares his experiences in great detail.

It was considered one of the largest open source research projects in America, and then it fell short to deliver to the market. Out of the ashes of the rise and fall of the Hydro Assist Fuel Cell and its manufacturer, Dutchman Enterprises, came a number of off-shoot companies whom continued on their own to search for answers in the green technology sector, aimed in addressing some of society’s most pressing issues; the continued use of fossil fuels, the mitigation of harmful toxic vehicle emissions, and the development of products to lesson our impact on mother nature.

This is the story of just one of those teams of people, whom kept their passion for these areas of expertise alive, and brought their ideas together which lead to the formation of Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., located in Ogdensburg, New Jersey. In “Life in the Green Lane…Pursuit of the American Dream,” Extreme Energy Solutions CEO and President, Samuel K. Burlum reflects on what it took for the Company to bring to market such products as the Smart Emissions ReducerExtreme Kleaner, Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments, and other products and services offered by the green tech company.

Burlum continues in his story, Life in the Green Lane-in Pursuit of the American Dream,” to give a step by step account on how his team was able to achieve feats in technology that were considered impossible, including the how they achieved the results that lead to controversy both locally and nationally. He shares the science and the technical know-how in laymen language so that even someone, whom may not be a technical expert in the areas of green technology, or fuel economy, or even automotive technology, could gain a bird’s eye view on the possibilities in improving the gas mileage of a vehicle.

“No entrepreneurial journey is without some sort of set of challenges, for they assist you in growing and making your company, products, and business plan better,” contributed Samuel K. Burlum, author of “Life in the Green Lane-in Pursuit of the American Dream,”

“For years, I have met new people who wanted to know the story of how our company got started, and why did we believe in our vision. When I would share our story, I found that the longer we were in business, the more we achieved, the longer the story became; so it was suggested we offer our story in the form of a book to inquiring parties.”

Burlum discusses the “early days” when he was just a part of a third party research team focused on the development of alternative fuel delivery systems for the automotive aftermarket, and how those many lessons learned assisted the team and what would become later, the company, overcome barriers of entry into the market. From the technology to the marketing, Burlum describes the series of events that have occurred over the past seven years to present which has led to the commercialization of number of products and services in the areas of emissions reduction and fuel efficiency.

“As many of the talented technicians whom were involved with the project, we found better ways around the challenges of such technology applications, and would find ways to make these types of devices to work, however the results would usually be accompanied by many man hours of invested time, devoted research, and some trial and error.”

Today, Burlum and Extreme Energy Solutions continue their research and development of ideas and concepts aimed to decrease harmful toxic emissions of both gasoline and diesel powered vehicles. Burlum shares his and fellow teammate’s journey from their humble beginnings in the borough of Ogdensburg, to their road trips coast to coast, which they installed a number of the Smart Emissions Reducer devices under the hoods of commercial and municipal fleet vehicles. By the year 2012-2013 showed on the calendar, the company was now engaged in testing and discussions with vehicle manufacturers whom showed interest in the new promising device.

Burlum provides insight of the behind the scenes of what it took in order for the company to achieve successes, or as he calls, “small victories,” more or less benchmarks when and where the company could demonstrate market demand for its products. “Life in the Green Lane,” caters to those readers whom may have a technical interest in green technology, and it caters to the entrepreneur at heart. The 300 page plus book outlines times and dates, to give you a sense of the series of events, and how quickly the company grew in commercializing its products.

“Sometimes people need to know the truth of the grit and grind that goes along with pursuing your dreams. There are dream stealers whom enjoy watching others fail, some of them could be very close to you, maybe even in your own home. Then on the other side of the spectrum there are folks who will become your biggest fans because of what you stand for, because of your core values and the very value you create will benefit the many,” Burlum adds.

“Life in the Green Lane-in Pursuit of the American Dream” is almost complete, and there has not been a final release date established yet.  Pre-order your copy before it hits books stores at

People of Distinction Honors Unsung Heroes, Including Samuel K. Burlum

Updated October 28, 2014, New York City, New York

The People of Distinction Humanitarian Foundation named Samuel K. Burlum, as one of this year’s Unsung Hero, honored at its People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards Ceremony, recently held on Tuesday, October 28, 2014, at the City University of New York Graduate Center, mid-town Manhattan. Burlum joined an impressive cast of other Honorees, including Actor Jonathon Schaech, US Marine Chief Warrant Officer Nick D’Andrea, and others who have made significant contributions to their community, donating their time, efforts, and resources to a number of important causes.

People of Distinction Humanitarian Foundation is led by author, talk radio host, musician, and public Speaker, Al Cole. Cole is a 10 year veteran CBS Radio broadcaster, and wrote the book, “The Spirit of Romance,” and “Al Cole’s Romance for Women.” In addition, Al Cole continues to host his “radio broadcast, People of Distinction“, on a number of networks, as it can be downloaded from iTunes, and the net.

“Samuel is an incredible human being. He understands how important it is to uplift the human family, and has done so with the founding of Extreme Energy Solutions,” Cole offered, “He and his company are doing remarkable things to be of benefit to society.”

“Besides helping preserve the environment, Burlum has taken steps to help displaced and homeless Veterans. From assisting and supporting local 5k runs to helping and supporting Veteran causes, Burlum has a great appreciation for what it takes to be an Unsung Hero. He has proven he is a Person of Distinction, and we are proud to add him to this year’s roster of Honorees,” Cole added.

Burlum was nominated by Vera Anne Matty, a 2013 Unsung Hero, for her former work with the New York Unemployment Project. Matty currently is an artist and writer, and is on the Board of Directors for United Nations ESCO.

“We need more Samuel K. Burlum‘s in the world. professed Ms. Matty, “he is a wonderful young man who leads a company that is improving the life of many through the deployment of technology that helps address societal concerns.”

Samuel K. Burlum, is the CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc., a company that performs research and development of green technology, markets and services innovation to the auto industry, transportation industry, and  aftermarket.

Burlum created and instituted many policies aimed to foster Extreme as a positive influence in its community. Burlum introduced a cause marketing platform to the company. The company has contributed to and supported a myriad of events and causes including to the Oburg 5K Run, “Salute to our Vets,” Spirit of the Arts Foundation, Save a Warrior, Wounded Warrior Project, “Summer Vet’s Fest” that benefited Operation Chill Out, and more. Burlum has also contributed to student events and activities associated with schools of thought.

Burlum and Extreme have lent their knowledge and insight to a multitude of areas including entrepreneurship, business management, technical advisement for academic related activities.

Professor Dr. Lovely Thornton, of Towson University had Burlum speak to her students on “Diversity in Business-how to create an atmosphere of inclusiveness.

“His global exposure and position as President of Extreme Energy Solutions served as a great frame of reference as he shared his vision and path to success.”

Burlum and his team provided sponsorship and technical advisement to the Clarkson University Clean Snowmobile Team; a group of tech students who each year look to improve their impact on the environment in real world competition. The team used the Smart Emissions Reducer in 2013 on their sled, leading to the team winning first place in the fuel economy challenge, part of the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge.

Later that year, Extreme teamed up with KAUST in Saudi Arabia, advising KAUST on how to best combat harmful vehicle emissions in the Middle East.

Beverly White, CEO/President of the consulting firm BKW Transformations Group, a company that provides strategic planning and business advisement, shared the stage with Burlum at The Council’s 2012 Sustainability Summit, in New York City.

“Samuel is a very creative and innovative guy. He looks for solutions to problems where everyone wins at the end of the day,” White provided, “He is one of the few CEO’s that understand and appreciate the importance of Main Street.”

He was honored by the World Green Energy Symposium, with the 2013 NOVA Award, by Professor Robert Gallagher, Executive Chair of the WGES. “Extreme Energy Solutions was chosen for the honor on its potential impact on reducing emissions from existing gasoline and diesel engines that currently comprise the majority of vehicles on the road today. Their flagship product, the Smart Emissions Reducer, is found to be a cost effective retrofit that provides an immediate solution for today’s environmentally conscious consumers. The innovation is a here and now solutions,” commented the Professor.

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