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Samuel K. Burlum is a career entrepreneur, investigative reporter-journalist, and author with over three book projects and over one hundred articles to his credit.

Samuel K. Burlum has lent his business knowledge to family owned-independently owned small business enterprises, start-up companies in the tech industry, small to medium businesses, covering a number of industries from senior health care to market disruptive technologies.

He also has an understanding of the racing industry. Burlum’s experience as a former driver, team owner, sponsor, and motorsports marketer, allowed for Burlum in the past to create additional strategic advantages for the businesses and companies who enrolled motorsports marketing as part of their business development.

Samuel K. Burlum combines his experience, with in-depth research, information gathered from industry experts, public advocacy groups, public officials to provide commentary and insight about environmental and economic policy, innovation, small business advocacy, and social-political issues that have an effect on shaping Main Street, USA; in his continued series of articles, investigative reports, and books.

Books authored by Samuel K. Burlum include:

Articles written by Samuel K. Burlum, can be found in print and online including but not limited to:

  • The Alternative Press- TAP Into
  • Natural Awakenings Magazine
  • Linked In’s The Pulse
  • Badger Barter
  • Pride TLC
  • Manawa Community Living Center
  • H2O Energy Flow
  • The Highlander
  • The Truth About Trucking
  • and other publications, newspapers, magazines, and online blogs

More about Samuel K. Burlum can be found at www.SamBurlum.com

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